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Market Outcomes is a world-leading decision science consultancy providing decision support, behavioral economics, and advanced models for optimal outcomes.

What we offer

Optimized Decision Models

You are faced with hundreds of decisions every day. How do you know which decision is the best to make? Market Outcomes' advanced decision optimization tools can help you make more optimal decisions in less time.

Complex tools made simple

We offer tools and services to help make more informed decisions for your organization — from understanding the potential outcomes of your choices to improving your choice process. We provide a range of AI, choice modeling, business intelligence and stochastic optimization tools and services customized to meet your needs.

Significant risk reduction

We can tell you with near certainty whether or not your marketing campaign or new product launch will work. We can also help you identify where to invest your budget for maximum returns. Through behavioral economics, advanced modeling techniques, and insight into human behavior we'll give you the best odds of success possible.

The future of decision making

Market Outcomes provides stochastically optimal insights on how to make better decisions. It does this by leveraging advanced software tools that employ stochastic time series models, Bayesian networks, and choice modeling.

Expertise you can trust

We are the leaders in decision making under uncertainty. We have developed advanced software tools that employ advanced stochastic time series models, Bayesian networks, and choice modeling to generate stochastically optimal decisions.

Knowledge at your fingertips

We offer a range of services, from consulting to advanced software development, to help make better decisions. We can shorten your time to market or deliver instant or near instant analyses. We specialize in this field, so you don't need to.

Smart investment for smart companies

We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your company that will generate optimal outcomes for your business.

What our customers say

What our
customers say

Market outcomes has built more than a thousand models for more than a hundred clients over the past fifteen years. From our very first project, which helped Intel exceed earnings expectations by over a billion dollars a quarter to research on the first genetically engineered therapies to the rollout of truly new to the world strategies in finance and technology (for example individually customizable channel lineups for cable consumers), the quality and value of our work precedes us. We're very good at solving very complex problems.

Beau takes the complicated and makes it simple. We spent just 4 hours with Beau and in that time we came out with a simple, but effective framework and desired set of outcomes that we need to shape a major change in our strategy. Beau has the ability to simplify complex problems, collect the required information and provide clear, actionable answers based on that data. We all have the data, Beau makes it make sense.

COO, National clothing manufacturer and retailer

I cannot recommend Beau highly enough. He is an asset to any study or project and particularly if that study includes any trade-off methodologies. Truly, he is the 'researcher's researcher’. In over 10 years in both market research and strategy consulting I have never met anyone with a greater depth of knowledge or higher level of expertise.

Cofounder and partner, Leading market research and consulting firm

I would like to offer a “great job done” to the team on our pricing study. It has been a very challenging study from both a setting up the design (methodology perspective) but also in interpreting the results and reporting out the data in a clear and easily understandable fashion. The team has done a FANTASTIC job on this. Probably the best ever project we’ve done with your firm.

Senior research manager, Fortune 50 technology firm

We are very comfortable recommending them. We conducted a very complex conjoint in the small business software space that involved dozens of attributes and many levels – probably one of the most complex conjoints conducted. Beau was our main contact on the analysis side, and he is a very good problem solver – although I recommend putting him against a very smart consultant or even working with him directly.

Partner and managing director, Leading global strategic consulting firm

Optimal decisions for your business

Market Outcomes is the world's leading provider of software and decision-making tools for high-stakes markets. We provide advanced quantitative, qualitative, and stochastic analyses, designed to optimize your decision-making process.

Better choices, better decisions

Market Outcomes delivers best-in-class software solutions to make your decisions smarter. Out tools are built on scalable models that can be used to create replicable market outcomes based either upon data you provide or data we collect using our survey technology.

Simply better outcomes

We provide unparalleled insights into the market that can be used to make more informed decisions. Our models are tailored to meet your needs and offer you complete transparency into all data sources.

Advanced qualitative and quantitative measurement tools

We use advanced modeling techniques like market replication choice modeling and stochastic time series models to help you quantify your decision-making process in a way that makes sense to you.

Our experience

We've built our business and our careers constructing and training models for first rate clients. We've built models in diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, technology, consumer products and consumer packaged goods, consumer and business software, finance and insurance, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, telecom, education, and quick service restaurants, among others. Much of our work can be done remotely or on a white label basis as required.

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